1.If you are an ASM/AASM/BSM with DETS OR RURAL as department.

2.Go to ME TRANSFER menu. Click on ME Transfer button to initiate a request.

3.  MEs can be transferred from one distributor to multiple distributors or from multiple distributors to single distributor. Select an option as per the scenario.

4. Set the Date of Transfer. On approval of the request, MEs will be transferred on the set date. Click on Next button.

5.Enter Distributor Code or Name in the From Distributor field. System will automatically show the list of distributors matching the search text. Click on the distributor name and then   icon to select the distributor.

6.Similarly select distributor/s in TO Distributor section.

7.Click on icon to remove the selected distributor.

8.Note that same distributor cannot be selected in From and To sections.

If the To RS does not belong to the same Cluster then use the Search Filter to enable RS search across Clusters. This allows you to transfer RSSM to a RS in another Cluster. Note : Clusters that belong the same Region that ASM belongs to are included in the search.

9.Click on Next button.

10.Select the MEs to be transferred and click on   button. 

11.It will open a Select KAE window. From Choose KAE drop down, select the KAE to which the transferred MEs will report after transferred and click on OK button. These are the KAEs which are currently managing the destination distributor.

Note – After transfer, the department of KAE will be set as the department of the ME selected.

12.To Transfer MEs to other distributor, click on the name of the second distributor, select MEs, click   on button and select the KAEs.

13.If there are MEs whose transfer is already in progress (MEs are part of other transfer request which is not completed yet), those are displayed with a red (*) asterix. These MEs cannot be selected for new transfer request till the time first request is completed.

14.If you want to remove the selected MEs, select those and click onbutton to move them back.

15.Once you are done with selecting MEs and putting them under respective distributors, click on Submit button.

16.A confirmation message will be displayed. Click on Yes button. A success message will be displayed.