IMP Note: Following designations can no longer be updated by TG Anchor. There is new workflow for promotion from Marketing Executive/Salesman to Team Lead.

Marketing Executive


Team Lead

Operation Manager

1. The Designation of an employee can be changed to the designation at the same level.


List of designations at same level

Key Account Executive

Sr. Key Account Executive

Activation Executive

Territory Sales Officer

Senior Sales Capability Executive

Modern Trade Account Specialist

Cluster TSO

GT Channel Specialist

Field Sales Capability Executive

Sr. Field Sales Capability Executive

Area Sales & Customer Manager

Branch Sales Manager

Assistant Area Sales & Customer Manager

Consumer Cluster Manager

Head - Consumer Cluster Manager

Consumer Cluster Head

2. Search the employee. Click on multi action button next to the employee record. Click on Edit Details.

3. Click on Position Details tab. Change the Designation and click on Update button.