Data required to add ME

1. ME Name

2. Reporting Distributor Name

3. Reporting KAE/TSO Name

4. Department

5. Grade

1. Enter the RS Name or RS Code in Manager field in Search. Select the RS record auto suggested by the system and click on Search button.

2. System will list all the current MEs (Status – OCCUPIED) and Vacant positions (Status – VACANT) reporting to the selected Distributors along with the Skip Manager (in this case KAE/TSO).

3. Check for the Vacant positions which have same Skip Manager, Department, Grade and Unify Code as new ME request.


4. Once you figure out which vacant position needs to be filled, click on Actions button next to it and select Fill Position.


5. Verify the Position Details before filling the vacant position to make sure you are working on correct position. Select New Employee tab. Enter First Name, Last Name, Date of Joining, Date of Birth, Bank Details and click on Fill Position.

Note: Date of Joining cannot be from past.