This feature is used to transfer MEs who are working for a distributor among KAEs/TSOs who are managing the distributor. If an existing KAE/TSO is being replaced with another KAE and new KAE/TSO is going to manage all of the MEs managed by previous MEs, refer how to replace help page.

1. Enter the distributor code in Employee click on Search. Click on Actions button and select Manage Team.

2. Select the MEs which need to be transferred from a KAE/TSO,drag and drop them under the new KAE. You can select multiple MEs by using Ctrl key on the keyboard and clicking on the ME records in the list. 

3. Once the changes are done, do not forget to click on Save.

4. If a KAE/TSO is not currently mapped to the selected distributor (KAE is not listed on the page), enter it's Employee Code or name in Add KAE/TSO field. System will list the employees matching the entered data. Select the required KAE/TSO from the list. The selected KAE/TSO will be listed on the page. Repeat step # 2 to move MEs to this KAE. Once done, click on Save button.