1. Click on Actions > Add Position. 

2. Enter the Code of the employee or distributor in Manager field under which you want to create a new position. E.g. If you want to create a new position for Marketing Executive, enter Distributor Code in Manager field. System will automatically list the results matching the entered text. Select from the list. In case of Marketing Executive, when you enter Distributor Code, multiple results will be listed for multiple skip level managers (KAE/TSO). Select the Distributor and the desired Skip Manager (KAE/TSO) to whom the Marketing Executive will report to.

3. Select the Designation, Department. In case of Marketing Executive, Team Lead, Salesman and Operation Manager, select Grade and enter Unify Code. Unify Code should be RS Code_SMN Code e.g. 431073_SMN00001.

4. Click on Create Position button.

Budget restrictions for ME/TL/OM/Salesman positions:

You will not be able to create positions in following 2 scenarios 

1. If ME headcount (Destination RSSM Count) and compensation budget is not set 

           - In this case contact 1SF Support with the budget details.

2. If all of the ME headcount and compensation budget is consumed.

           - In this case, get the approval from related ASM.