Reports can be accessed by clicking on the left side menu action "Make Sense", the list of Reports available is listed. Click on the View / Download action to access the details of the report.

  1. Attendance Sign-Off Report: Gives list of RS managed by staffing provider and attendance Sign-off status.
  2. Attendance Summary Report: Summary report of attendance for MEs (RSSMs) managed by the staffing provider, gives sum of days by attendance type.
  3. City-wise Vacant Position Count: Gives the vacancy count for the cities managed by staffing.
  4. Current Hiring Pipeline: Helps you track current status of vacancy and candidates interviewed/bordered till date.
  5. Day-wise Attendance Report: Gives day wise attendance for all RSSMs
  6. Distributor Details: Lists all the distributors and their details like location, budget, staffing type, distributor type, max incentive etc.
  7. Exited Employee Report: Gives list of RSSM exited from the system and their exit details
  8. ME Position Report:  Gives the list of all the positions and heir status at distributors
  9. RS Level Position Summary: Summary report of the positions under the RS, gives counts by each status of the position and by Designation. Useful to get a detailed view of the positions under an Distributor
  10. Vacant Position Report: List of all current vacant positions at all the distributor