1. The leave request raised by a Marketing Executive first needs to be supported by it's distributor. If the leave request is not supported by distributor, the request stands rejected and it will further not sent to KAE/TSO.

2. If the leave request is supported by distributor, it is further sent to mapped KAE/TSO for review.

3. The pending leave requests for KAE/TSO are displayed in the My Salesforce > Dashboard > Leave Requests portlet.

The pending leave requests are also available under Leave Management.

4. Click on the request to view the details. REQUEST DETAILS shows the leave request details. LEAVE HISTORY section shows the leaves taken by the ME in past. OVERLAPPING LEAVE REQUESTS section shows if any other MEs are on leave or have requested leave for the same dates as 

the current request. This information helps you to support or not support the request to make sure right number of people are on the job.

5. Click on Support or Not Support button to approve or reject the request. 

6. If you do not support the leave request, it is sent back to distributor. Distributor can override KAE/TSO's decision and approve the leave.

7. If not acted upon by KAE/TSO within 48 hours, the leave request is auto-approved.