1. Distributor can initiate exit for an ME. This can be done from two places.

2. Go to MY TEAM. Click on Actions button and select Initiate Exit action next to the employee you want to start exit.

3. On Dashboard, in Attendance Alert portlet, system shows the employees who are not reporting more than last 3 continuous days. You can click on Initiate Exit.

4. On Initiate Exit form, select Planned Last Working Day, Reason for Exit. If the employee is having any pending dues with distributor select Yes option for Pending Dues. Similarly you can specify of the employee has returned the device or not. In case of absconding employees, this information will be used by 3rd party staffer to hold the salary for this employee till the dues are cleared and device is returned.

Click on Initiate Exit.

Note: Planned Last Working Day cannot be set to a date before the start of current MOC.


5. Approval Workflow

Once you initiate the exit, the exit request is sent to related KAE or TSO for review. KAE/TSO can support or not support the request. You can view the status next to the Request Status field.  

  • If the KAE / TSO does not act on the request within 2 days, the request is forwarded to ASM.
  • ASM can see the request in the portal, if ASM does not act on the request within 7 days. The request is auto approved.

6. The employee for whom the exit has been initiated is highlighted with a red indicator in MY TEAM with status as Initiated Exit. MY TEAM view also shows the count of the employees for whom exit has been initiated. Click on Actions > Show Exit Details to view the exit details and the status.