1. Once the exit process has been started for an ME or RSSM, the request is sent to KAE/TSO for review. KAE/TSO can either support or not support the exit request. 

2. The exit can be completed only after KAE/TSO takes any action on the exit request. In any case, the final authority is with the distributor to complete the exit process or can cancel the exit.

3. System will mark the employee exited on the set Planned Last Working Day. You can complete the exit before the planned last working date in case the employee stops showing up. To complete the exit, go to MY TEAM, click on Actions button next to the employee for whom the exit process was started and select Show Exit Details option.

4. On the Exit Details page, click on Complete Exit button.  A confirmation message is displayed. Click on Yes button to exit the employee.


5. If the last working day is in future and the ME has stopped coming to work and you want to complete the exit today, once you click on Complete Exit, system shows a warning message.

6. Click on OK button to close the warning message. On the Exit Details page, enter today's date as Actual Exit Date  and click on Complete Exit complete the exit.