View pending dues against RSSM which is set at the time of Exit of the RSSM. At time of Exit RS can specify Amount Due and Device Returned status, this data is used to identify RSSM with pending due. If either Device Returned Status is NO OR Amount Due is set then the RSSM will show up in this view.

User can search using for RSSM with pending dues using the 3 search criteria

  1. RS Code  - Specify the RS code to view all RSSM at the RS with pending due. You can use this in combination with Dates to further filter down the results
  2. RSSM Code - Use this option to view data for a specific RSSM
  3. Date - Use the date range to get RSSM who exited in the specified date range.  

You can export the search results using the download action available in the search criteria bar.