1. Once the RSSM is exited from the system, his records will be listed under My Salesforce > FnF Summary Tab and RS gets a notification on mail.
Refer these articles for exit workflow - Initiate ExitComplete Exit

2. Click on Actions button to view the options available. Click on Release action to release the FnF.

3. If you want to hold the full and final settlement for an RSSM, click on Hold action. If you have an FIR number available, please enter the same.

    If you do not take any action in 7 days, the Full and Final will be marked released automatically.



4. If you select to hold the Full and Final settlement, the request will be available for your review again after 3 weeks and you will have 1 week to take any action. This process will be repeated 2 more times (total 4 times), if you choose to hold the FnF. This means the FnF Settlement window will be of 13 weeks after the exit date of an RSSM.

5. For the last review, if you choose to hold the FnF, you will have to enter FIR number else it will be marked as released by system.

6. You can view the On Hold or Released FnF by changing the filters.


Notice - Only in case of employees who were "active" during the salary cycle (21st-20th of the MOC month) and get initiated exit between 21st-28th of the following MOC, we will entertain manual requests (if any). Please note that even for such requests, if the employee remains 'active' in the system during the next salary disbursement cycle, his salary will get disbursed for last month.