1. To promote a Marketing Executive or Salesman to Team Leader position, you need a vacant Team Leader position. If you do not have a Team Lead position, you can request for one. Refer this help guide.

2. To promote Marketing Executive or Salesman, go to My Team and click on Actions > Promote Here option next to the vacant Team Lead position where you want to promote the ME or Salesman.

3. On Promotion Details window, select the employee you want to promote. Verify the details and click on Promote button. The request will be sent to KAE/TSO who is the skip manager for the vacant Team Lead position.

4. You can view the promotion details by clicking, Actions > Promotion Details next to the Team Lead position where the ME will be promoted or the Marketing Executive/Salesman whose promotion is under progress.

5. On the details screen you can view the approval chain. You can withdraw the promotion request by clicking on Withdraw button. Click on the Yes button on the confirmation message.